JUUNOO wins award for reusable interior walls

Construction and renovation doesn’t have to be synonymous with major demolition works and piles of construction waste. The Belgian company JUUNOO proves that other options are possible. Indeed they are creating interior walls that are easy to demount and reuse.

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In the spotlight: Circular Business Awards

On 14 March 2024 the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (FBE) organised the first edition of its Circular Business Awards, which focuses on circular entrepreneurship. The award recognises innovative projects that foster renewable materials, recyclingAny recovery operation through which waste, including organic waste, is reprocessed to become substances, materials or products that can be used for their initial function or other functions. and low-carbon production processes. JUUNOO won gold for reusable interior walls whereas Snappies and Out of Use took home silver and bronze, respectively, for reusable diapers and the reuseReuse designates all operations by which substances, materials or products that are not waste are used again in an identical way to their originally intended purpose. of IT materials. Just Electronic received special mention for Simandu, a repairRepair is making a faulty product work again, allowing its use to be extended without the user parting with it, or with a view to reuse (donation, second-hand sale). company that gives a second life to electronic devices and appliances.

Rewarding circular enterprises

The circular economyThe circular economy is a restorative and regenerative economy. By maintaining the value of the products, materials and resources in the economy through smart product design, repurposing and/or shared use of products, it reduces the extraction of natural resources by using resources already present in the economy. offers limitless opportunities for entrepreneurs. Not only is it the cornerstone of a sustainably growing economy, it also helps businesses to better protect themselves against modern-day challenges such as dependence on energy and raw materials and the corresponding price fluctuations. At the event, Pieter Timmermans, CEO of the FBE, emphasised the importance of stimulating businesses to jump on the bandwagon.

“Through the Circular Business Awards, the FBE and its partners Ageas, BECI, UWE and VOKA aim to reward companies that contribute to a sustainable economic model. Entrepreneurs who apply the principles of innovation, economic feasibility and environmental protection in their project, should be recognised for their efforts.”

Recognition for hard work

“I am very proud and grateful to accept this award. This is an excellent opportunity to raise even greater awareness about the value of the circular economy”, said JUUNOO CEO Chris Van de Voorde when he was invited on stage. “This is the result of years of hard work, it takes a genuine mind shift. This recognition is for all of us.” Incidentally, this is not the first time JUUNOO has won an award. Earlier this year they were also the recipient of a prestigious Henry van de Velde design award. This is positive proof that circularityCircularity describes the quantity of materials managed in a closed loop. and aesthetic design can easily go hand in hand.

JUUNOO: Innovation in circular living

The European construction industry is responsible for 50% of our overall energy consumption and 40% of COemissions. Every year some €300 billion in building materials is discarded, or the equivalent of 1% of the total CO2 emissions. Inspired by his children Juul and Noor, Chris Van de Voorde founded JUUNOO to tackle this problem. With a passion for invention and a degree in Industrial Design he strives for a circular approach to the construction industry.

Sustainable walls with a practical click system

JUUNOO sets itself apart through an offering of closed glass partitions that are easy to disassemble and move. The unique click system allows repeated reuse and JUUNOO’s buyback guarantee incentivises reuse both in the business world and beyond. With subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands and the US, JUUNOO’s vision and approach is widely embraced. JUUNOO not only focuses on the circular aspect but also promises customers robust, long-lasting partitions that are affordable, soundproof and even boast an elegant and sleek design.

Sharing knowledge for a sustainable future

But an avid entrepreneur like Chris isn’t easily satisfied. His passion for circular entrepreneurship is so great that he wants to share it with others. Through their non-profit The Circular Value Institute Chris and his partners spread their knowledge across the globe in hopes of inspiring entrepreneurs, with a view to a future that is not just environment-friendly but also provides added value on a social and economic level. It’s clear we haven’t heard the last of this initiative.