About this initiative

This project of raising awareness among SMEs and self-employed is one of the pillars of the Belgium Builds Back Circular investment project under the Belgian National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The Circular economy component of this plan, which falls under the Economy of the future and productivity axis, focuses on accelerating Belgium’s transition to a circular economy.

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What is our goal?

We want to offer our entrepreneurs and SMESmall and medium-sized enterprisess the support they need and help them make the transition to a sustainable, circular economyThe circular economy is a restorative and regenerative economy. By maintaining the value of the products, materials and resources in the economy through smart product design, repurposing and/or shared use of products, it reduces the extraction of natural resources by using resources already present in the economy.. By raising their awareness and informing them how to go about this, we can convince them to take that leap.

Facilitating their access to federal policy measures will contribute to the success of the Belgian environmental transition. The protection of innovations or inventions and access to new standards provide crucial leverage and are guarantees for success, on which SMEs should be able to capitalise.