Accessibility statement

FPS Economy aims to make its website and other websites it manages (campaign sites) accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Therefore, we endeavour to comply as fully as possible with the accessibility standards laid down by the law of 19 July 2018 transposing European directive (EU) 2016/2102 on the accessibility of public authorities’ websites and mobile applications.

This accessibility statement applies to

Level of compliance with the accessibility standard

We are partially compliant with level A of the WCAG 2.1 as some parts of our website do not fully comply with these guidelines.

Non-accessible content


The contrast difference between foreground and background colours does not meet the accessibility requirements of WCAG 2 AA throughout.

  • General - Within the navigation on the left side of the test
  • Intro - At the elements at the bottom that provide interpretation about the different categories.

This problem is caused by the use of soft approved colours of the campaign's visual identity. We tried to adjust the contrast as much as possible, but this colour combination does not make it completely "accessible".

Positioning of elements

Some elements are positioned fixed.

Inline svg images with shared identifiers

There are several inline images of type svg. These files are lightweight and vectorised, providing an optimal experience. Sharing identifiers is not according to the accessibility requirements of WCAG 2 AA.

Proposed alternatives


To address the problem with contrast, we can explore two options:

  1. try different shades again or, if that doesn't solve the problem
  2. switch to another colour from the palette

Positioning of elements

To solve the element positioning problem, we explore the option of tackling html nesting differently.

Inline svg images with shared identifiers

When launching the website, in the next phase, images will move from inline to external.


We would like to hear your opinion on our efforts to make our website more accessible. Please send us your comments and suggestions via

If you feel that you have not received an answer to your questions, you can lodge a complaint with our Complaints Manager on the web page Dissatisfied with our services?

This accessibility statement was drawn up on May 16th 2023 and last revised on May 16th 2023.