R-use Fabric and Design With Sense: creative reuse

Giving used materials an often surprising second life through upcycling? That’s exactly what haberdashery R-use Fabrik and the atelier Design With Sense are actively pursuing.

  • Resources and Waste
  • Circular
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Reusing materials and giving them a unique second life? R-use Fabrik does it with textiles. Fabrics are presented to professional as well as hobbyist designers. The atelier of R-use Fabrik also processes jeans, among other materials, on-site. Design With Sense on the other hand has the right touch for materials that are left over from construction sites, and transform it into high quality designer furniture.

Read more about circular economyThe circular economy is a restorative and regenerative economy. By maintaining the value of the products, materials and resources in the economy through smart product design, repurposing and/or shared use of products, it reduces the extraction of natural resources by using resources already present in the economy. on the website of Hub.Brussels

This video was produced by Hub.Brussels.