MORO launches powder sachets for low-waste cosmetics

How can we make a positive contribution to the environment without compromising on comfort or user-friendliness? Yasmine Mili has the answer thanks to MORO, a range of sustainable toiletries.

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MORO founder Yasmine Mili was working in the global fashion industry when she visited different textile factories in Bangladesh. 

It was not only the poor working conditions that played on her mind, but also the impact of that manufacturing on the environment. So she decided to start her own events clothing hire company. When she saw her client base shrink dramatically during the pandemic, she made a radical move. She swapped fashion for cosmetics. 

With MORO, she wants to convince users to keep re-filling plastic bottles. Sachets of powder that just need a dash of water: that’s how she’s contributing to reducing the mountain of waste.

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