InvestEU: Funding for projects on sustainability, innovation and digitalisation

214 Million Euros for SME Loans through ING Belgium. InvestEU guarantees funding for projects centered on sustainability, innovation and digitalisation.

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ING Belgium and the European Investment Fund (EIF) signed a guarantee agreement at the beginning of October that provides 214 million euros in funding for SMESmall and medium-sized enterprisess.

Two-thirds of this funding are dedicated to sustainable initiatives, including energy-efficient building renovations, renewable energyRenewable energy is energy derived from natural processes that are perpetually renewed, i.e. those of a solar, wind, hydraulic, geothermal or biomass origin. production, and environmentally friendly mobility solutions.

The remaining third of the budget is allocated to SMEs that want to invest in innovation or digitalisation.

This financial support is available to both existing and new ING customers. ING Belgium will communicate more information about the guarantee agreement and financing conditions directly to their customers according to the legal requirements.

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