Circular Economy Conference: Europe's Leading Role in Mainstreaming Circular Practice

Circular economy is a priority on the agenda of the Belgian Presidency. The Circular Economy Conference wants to make a valuable contribution to further development of sustainable projects through case studies, testimonials and knowledge sharing.

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On 17 April 2024, the day after the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF), Belgium, as part of the European Presidency, is organising an event for international visitors to discover Belgian circular organisations and initiatives. Concrete case studies, research and testimonials from keynote speakers show that the circular economy is growing into a fully-fledged alternative economy, but still faces many challenges.

During the conference, participants form a picture of possible solutions to the bottlenecks and interact with each other, creating learning moments and opportunities to exchange best practices. It will be a day full of insights and inspiration.

Eight workshops (2x4 in parallel sessions) with captivating circular cases from Belgium and Europe will serve as a stimulus for more action and will put the focus on innovative approaches and practices. Representatives from the different regions, circular companies, civil society organisations and knowledge institutions will be present.

Themes already on the agenda are:

  • bioeconomy;
  • circular construction and the circular city;
  • chemicals and plastics;
  • manufacturing, with a focus on repair hubs and batteries;
  • circular procurement;
  • repair and life extension;
  • monitoring and indicators, with a focus on digitalisation, system innovation and hub collaboration in Europe.

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