Graphic design duo Redopapers makes circular paper products

Graphic designers Tille Lingier and Linde Luyten brought together their creativity and paper waste to make circular paper products. With Redopapers, they make diaries, notebooks and other stationery.

  • Manufacturing
  • Circular
Redopapers 910x510

Graphic designers Tille Lingier and Linde Luyten got the itch from seeing paper at printing works ending up as waste on a daily basis. They decided that things could be done better. Not much later, Redopapers was born. 

Printing press Zwartopwit was one of the greenest in its class for a while. Redopapers thought they were the perfect match. With a smart software system that clusters several projects together, Zwartopwit puzzles together the ideal solution for every print job. When they don’t find a perfect match, the remaining space is filled with creative printing work for Redopapers. The two women have their eyes on other countries with their circular business model now.

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