Circular Economy in Belgium

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Sustainability and circular practices are embedded throughout Belgian history, resonating today in our daily lives. Look at brewing beer, architecture, or music or fashion industry. Many activities and sectors of our economy embrace circularityCircularity describes the quantity of materials managed in a closed loop. - transforming and building a just and sustainable future.

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Circular Economy in Belgium

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During the World circular economyThe circular economy is a restorative and regenerative economy. By maintaining the value of the products, materials and resources in the economy through smart product design, repurposing and/or shared use of products, it reduces the extraction of natural resources by using resources already present in the economy. forum 2024, the Flanders Region, the Walloon Region, the Brussels Region and the federal government demonstrated how we evolved from experiments and frontrunners to a circular common practice in our companies, cities, knowledge institutes and citizens.

To reach the climate goals, a systemic change is needed and as President of the Council of the European Union, Belgium led the agenda towards a circular society at all levels and promoted cooperation among the Member States to reach those goals. And we will continue to do so.

Relive the Belgian circular economy forum 2024.