Call for Projects Design 4 Circularity

Circular Flanders launches a call to support innovative projects in ecodesign. Submit your application before 13 September 2024.

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Are you a designer who wants to apply ecodesignEcodesign allows a product design to be adapted in view of its repair or a full or partial repurposing of its components at the end of its useful life. in the development of new products, processes, services and business models? Then this call is for you!

The call focuses on the R-strategies ‘Redesign’ and ‘Rethink’ to increase the degree of circularityCircularity describes the quantity of materials managed in a closed loop. in the economy.

Ecodesign includes: design for shared use, re-use, repairRepair is making a faulty product work again, allowing its use to be extended without the user parting with it, or with a view to reuseReuse designates all operations by which substances, materials or products that are not waste are used again in an identical way to their originally intended purpose. (donation, second-hand sale)., disassembly, recyclingAny recovery operation through which waste, including organic waste, is reprocessed to become substances, materials or products that can be used for their initial function or other functions. ... Depending on the strategy best deployed to make the product or service more circular, more focus is placed on one of these aspects.

The application deadline is Friday 13 September 2024 at 10 am. Approved projects must start before 31 December 2024.

More information

Read more about the Design 4 Circularity call, participation and application conditions in the toolbox.